We do a lot for our clients, and a lot of it is behind the scenes.

From before our first meeting to after the closing of your new purchase, I am always working to find you the best house, the best deal, and the best terms – and then, to make sure that your new home stays in the best shape, and maintains it’s value.

How do I find you the best house? While Realtor.ca is a great place to look for your next home, a Realtor will go beyond that and use their connections with other Realtors, past clients, and business contacts to find a home that will be the perfect fit for you.

How do I find the best deal? There is more to consider than just the kitchen finishes and the number of bedrooms. While you like the house itself, there are other factors to take into account and a Realtor will know how each of these factors affects the value of the home, making sure you get the best price.

How do I get the best terms? How do you know which terms and conditions should you include in your offer, and then how do we get the other side to agree to our terms? Realtors know what should be included in your offer and how best to present it to the other side. And, if there are any special or unusual terms to be included, we will write them and consult with lawyers if needed.


Now, you’ve bought the house! How does your Realtor help you after the deal is closed and you are enjoying your beautiful new home?

How do I help keep your new home in the best shape? Realtors are constantly making new contacts with contractors: flooring experts, plumbers, electricians, etc. We are always happy to refer one of our many connections to you.

How do I help you maintain the value of your home? As the years go on, and you’ve been enjoying your home, it’s important to do regular maintenance and updates. Asking your Realtor for their opinion on upgrades to your home can be very helpful in the long run as we can provide insight on what buyers are looking for, and how those updates will affect the long-term value.


This is just a handful of the ways that a Realtor will help you throughout your home buying journey. The list of possibilities is endless, and as your #ConciergeForRealEstate, the list is always growing. Ask me how I can help!