When Andrea and I got married last year the next big step in our lives was to find a home. From the moment we were introduced to Maureen, we knew we had found someone that will help get us there. Maureen took the time to understand what was important for us, she asked the right questions, understood the market and a Professional the entire way. Maureen was always on time, easy to get a hold of and worked on our schedule.   Her expertise with the paperwork & contracts, her knowledge of financing and neighborhoods made things easy for us. Maureen has a positive energy she’s fun to be around and made the entire process enjoyable. We thank Maureen for helping finding us our new home!
Kevin Sequeira and Andrea Dankaninova
Puts her heart and soul into helping her clients achieve the best outcome in all respects. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Jayne and Bill Forward
Maureen gave a tremendous effort when helping my husband and I purchase an investment condo in Ottawa. We were very pleased with the results and it was a pleasure working with her. We will use her services again in the future.
Ayana and Andrew Forward
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for Maureen in selling our home in Hunt Club Park in the summer of 2017 in a timely manner. She handled the process from the beginning to the end smoothly, making it as easy as possible. She took care of setting up our home, providing advice to ensure that the house showed well.
She was always available to respond to our numerous questions on phone, email or in person if needed, always with patience and humour. She set up signage, arranged for professional photographs and did open houses and communicated with other agents. Maureen took care of everything professionally by talking to the buyers agent, arranging for the lawyer including getting us a rental house. She was always cheerful, considerate and respectful. We always felt that she was working for us and kept our interests topmost in the negotiation process. Even after the house was sold, she kept in touch to make sure that everything was going well for us. Not just as an agent but as a friend!
Considering the pleasant experience we had with her, we would recommend Maureen to all, including our friends and family. If and when we require real agent services again we will gladly consider Maureen again. Thanks Maureen! You took all the stress out of our home sale.
Rakesh and Kalpana
I cannot say enough good things about Maureen! It was obvious from our first meeting that Maureen is truly dedicated to helping her clients find the perfect home while making it a fun and exciting process. As a first time home buyer, Maureen was super helpful in answering any questions I had regarding the process and kept me informed of every step along the way. Additionally, I can honestly say that Maureen goes above and beyond for her clients. Even after the deal had closed, Maureen continued to follow up with me to see if there was anything else I needed. Maureen booked a painter and a handy man to work on my new home and even came to meet them on her own time while I was at work. Maureen is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the real estate industry and is overall a wonderful person to work with. I would recommend Maureen to anyone!
Maureen was recommended to us by someone we trust. It turned out to be a great recommendation. Our transaction was a bit more complicated than a standard one in that we were selling our rural property, moving to a downtown rental apartment, and as part of the deal we bought (and then resold) the house owned by the buyers of our rural house. Maureen guided us through all phases of this, and did so with great expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm. If you are looking for someone who has a genuine interest in making sure your interests are looked after, we recommend you contact Maureen. She has great knowledge of the industry, and she is truly an honest broker. Charlotte and Larry, Ottawa, Ontario
Charlotte & Larry
I highly recommend Maureen Yates to anyone looking to buy or sell a home - you will not be disappointed! A friend referred me to her a few years ago, and since then Maureen has been my real estate agent on three occasions (twice when purchasing a home and once when selling), and I was very happy with the results she achieved each time. Maureen is fantastic to work with - she is very professional, hard-working, attentive, organized, resourceful and full of energy! She knows the market and provided me with helpful, objective guidance based on my needs, wants and budget. In my experience, she goes above and beyond for her clients and truly has their best interests at heart. Thank you Maureen, I look forward to working with you again in the future!
Laura Little
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Maureen on the sale of our home, and the purchase of our new home.  She is extremely personable, professional and experienced, well-organized and resourceful, diligent and thorough.
Maureen has excellent knowledge of the real estate market and provided amazing client service. She was extremely attentive and ensured that we were well-informed throughout the process, and went above and beyond every step of the way. Maureen takes her time to understand your home, your neighborhood and market to help you make the best decisions.
We would recommend Maureen, as the real estate professional who you want on your side in a real estate transaction to get the job done right!
Andrew & Dharma
As a first-time home-buyer, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I spoke to a couple of realtors in the area and asked for their help so that I could get organized, but no one seemed interested in putting that much effort in for me because a) they thought I was too young to believe I would actually end up buying my own place and b) they only seemed interested in helping me once I had chosen a place and done all the initial work myself. I was pretty discouraged and was honestly very close to giving up on working with an agent at all. Then I met Maureen. Maureen was willing to help me from start to finish, explain every step of the way to me, and even give me contacts for all of the people that did the few things she didn’t (ie inspector, lawyer, broker, etc.) . As the process moved towards the finish line, Maureen and I spoke on a daily basis as she would update me on everything going on with the places I was considering. Throughout my work with Maureen, she never once pushed me into buying a house or made me feel pressure to do so; she constantly reminded me that if I didn’t like the place that I was buying, we would work together and find a better one. I eventually found a house that I loved, and wanted to purchase, despite the fact that it was an older place and needed a bit of upkeep. Maureen called in a plumber, a furnace service, and an appliance guy to ensure that everything was fixed up the way we needed. Because I had work and school during the day, she even came and met these other parties at my house on her own time to allow for someone to show them the problems and let them in the house to fix it up. From working two jobs and going to school, I simply was unable to place my focus entirely on the house purchase, but that was okay because of the help I was getting from Maureen. Another critical matter for me was the manner in which Maureen stepped up to the plate when the seller and their agent really failed to take responsibility. The house was not kept together during the selling period, had not been shovelled all winter, had a lot of items left inside from mouldy mattresses to rusty tools, and other clear signs of generally poor upkeep. Even after the house had been sold and the deal had been closed, instead of making me face all these problems by myself, Maureen continued to maintain contact to ensure the other realtor fulfilled his duties. She called in people to remove the old items from the house, had snow removal people come in so that I could actually use the driveway; everything was taken care of. If you are a homebuyer in the Ottawa area you absolutely need to give Maureen Yates a call. I have no idea how I would have gotten through this process if I had used anyone else. From dealing with the different agents I started out with and those that the sellers used in places I looked at, I can assure you that you do not know what you are getting with a real estate agent. They all have different backgrounds, skill sets, and ways of operating. Buying a house is such a big deal however you have to have some assurance; with Maureen, you will get that. After having spent the past two months working with her, I can personally guarantee you she will help you get what you want, and make the process as easy as possible in doing so. Make the right decision and go with Maureen.
Ian Cahill
Pauline and I were chatting after everyone left and we both had the same thought in mind and regretted not having mentioned it to you while you were here, especially in front of your buyer.  We were both so impressed by the extremely professional way in which you presented on your client's behalf.  Your presentation was confident, coherent, personal, warmly done and crisply professional.  I wish we could have told you that you and your buyer won the day on presentation marks alone! It is always so difficult when there is an unsuccessful party but we do wish you and your buyers the very best and suspect, as is so often the case, that your clients will make a choice that, in the end, they will agree is better than this property. Thank you again for all your hard work yesterday evening and today. Please feel free to pass this on to client since, as I said, we regretted not saying all of this while he was here.   Catherine and Pauline
From two very respected Colleagues in the industry