Why do you need a storyteller?

Every home has a story – how it is shared makes a difference.

Most homes have a great story -

  • Mom and Dad bought this home 40 years ago, and raised their 4 kids here and now have the joy of watching their grandchildren run around the same yard, splash in the same bathtub.
  • This log home was built on an old homestead and remodeled to its former glory.

Maybe your home doesn’t have a long rich history, but having a Realtor who is an excellent storytelling is an important step in marketing your home.

I will find out as much as I can about your home, the builder, the finishes, the neighbourhood – absolutely anything that will help me tell the story of your home, and make it more appealing to the most amount of buyers possible.

For the same reason as staging your home helps buyers to picture themselves in your home, a great story draws the buyer in. Giving them a connection to the home that may be important to their decision-making process.