“We worked with Maureen as first time home buyers in Canada. And we were fortunate to have her guide us.

Maureen is very hard working, knowledgeable, and personable.  She was easy to deal with , understood our taste, needs, and circumstances, and guided us accordingly. She is patient and never rushed us. She details out the positives of a property and is never shy off pointing out the negatives. Highly recommend her for buying a property. “



I pondered selling my condo and remembered meeting an agent who had quickly sold a unit the previous year. I contacted Maureen, signed a contract and 14 days later …Condo sold. Beyond happy with her experience and knowledge
of a very fluctuating market.  Thank you for making this easy, breezy.
“It was a real pleasure working with Maureen. I bought a condo with her help, at the height of the crazy Ottawa market in 2022. I was new to buying in Ontario, and Maureen’s experience with the ins and outs of the process really guided me well. She also showed me many interior and exterior details that I wouldn’t have looked for otherwise, which steered me away from lower quality properties. I ended up in a great modern condo in a great location as a result.”
As a first-time home buyer, I was quite nervous about purchasing my first home but I was so thankful to have Maureen alongside me - her expertise, confidence and optimism were exactly what I needed. She was such a great advocate for me and I so appreciated her determination and helpfulness. I couldn’t have done it without her!
Maureen is extremely hard working and knowledgeable. I feel that she cares about what I like, listens to my needs and wants carefully, and works tirelessly to help me get what I am looking for. Maureen is honest and I feel that I can trust her telling me what needs to pay attention about any potential property that we saw, whether good or bad. This is my first time buying a property here and I truly appreciate that I have someone this knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would recommend Maureen without reservation to anyone who is planning on selling or buying a property!
Truly supportive. A real gem to work with!
Thank-you for all your help, and thank-you so so much for the thoughtful house warming gift. You have been so helpful and absolutely wonderful throughout this entire process - we are extremely grateful.
"I am a real estate investor in Ontario (both 416 and 905), in BC and Alberta. I use several agents. Maureen helped us with our first ever purchase in Ottawa and was fantastic to deal with. Personable, professional, knowledgeable - she was so was incredible helpful. What a treat - she represented the real estate industry, her organization and the city of Ottawa extremely well. Most importantly, she helped us solve our needs. I can't say enough good things.
I had a terrible time trying to write a good review of Maureen but just can not do it.  I looked up adjectives trying to describe her and there just isn't one, and good just doesn't do it.   I had been put in an impossible position by a top rated real estate agency here in Ottawa, the details are too ugly to go into but by the time Maureen arrived on the scene (after being recommended by a relative) the situation was hideous.   Maureen stepped up and took charge of a situation that honestly, I did not believe could be fixed.  She took on the difficult task of having to tell me that regardless of what I had been told, there was no way I would receive the price for my condo I was expecting to get. Although she was sympathetic to the situation I was in, she concentrated on the realities and helped me focus on the "big" picture.   She staged the property, had the pictures done and arranged the showings like any other real estate agent would do, so what was so different?   What adjective would you use to describe a real estate agent who:          Would call every day because she knew how stressed you were, just to update as to was happening regarding the listing and to provide some needed reassurance.        Reviewed what the previous agent had done and confirmed it appeared what occurred was unprofessional and should be reported and obtained the name of the person at the real estate company who I should contact as well as the info regarding filing a formal complaint.        When I was struggling to get things done would offer to help.        Worked – and I mean WORKED (nights, weekends, Canada Day holiday...) to get my place sold – and did it! Although it was not at the price I had hoped for, it was more than what we thought it would sell for - in no small part do to her hard work.   Kept in touch after the sale because she knew that I had gone through a horrendous move, and she just to be supportive.   In short, I made my first choice of a real estate agent based on research I did and made my decision based on an agency that had awards galore and charge 6% commission had to be good, only to end up almost losing my shirt.  Don’t make the same mistake, go with someone who have real reviews made by real people… and having said that…   You’re not going to find better than Maureen, she is a wonderful real estate agent, but more importantly, she is a wonderful person.   Bev    
"We were so happy to have had Maureen’s help selling our condo in Ottawa. She truly took care of everything from staging, to pricing strategy, to fielding offers, and final negotiations. We couldn’t have asked for a better result, and she made the process seamless and stress-free. We can’t thank her enough for taking so much of the process off of our plate and making the sale of our property so smooth and easy. We appreciate her professionalism and guidance and highly recommend her services."
Ayana and Andrew